Dealing With Pitfalls: Step One Point Five

Well this sucks.

For those not interested in listening to a little bit of self-serving whining, feel free and skip this week’s blog post and (hopefully) return to our regularly-scheduled programming in the not-so-distant future. Anyone else who likes to jump on the “misery loves company” bandwagon, welcome to Kirby’s do-you-want-a-little-cheese-with-that-whine corner. The weather here blows.

Do you ever feel like life is out to get you? Yes, I know that what I am going to complain about is very small in the scheme of things. Yes, I know that this is a totally first-world problem. And yes, I know that all of the deadlines I set for myself are meaningless and technically I have the rest of my life to get my sh*t together but seriously… Right when I feel like I’m getting some good mojo going, have two potential new clients, am speeding through projects with my formerĀ ease and efficiency… BAM!

The flu.

I know, my health is more important than my career, and not working for 4 days (and counting) isn’t that bad but you know what? It feels like it. I was excited about working again! I was motivated! I was painting my first utility box mural and I was feeling like an artist and enjoying myself. And now I am coughing up a few lungs with a 100 degree fever and dragging my boyfriend out to buy me dinner only to be too sick to eat it by the time we get home. And it’s bumming me out.


I know the universe isn’t out to get me (if so, this is a paltry attempt). I know I’ll feel right as rain in about a week and that this could be a “test” or something to see how motivated I really am to do this thing and I should just go home and sleep, but for this one second I want to vent my frustration into the ether and give the universe the finger–because it sucks.

But maybe it won’t suck tomorrow.



P.S. Yes, I went to the doctor. I’m drinking liquids and hot tea and taking hot baths and have turmeric, ginger, and citrus coming out of my ears. I’m doing what I can.

P.S.S. If you’re a client waiting for a project from me… This is why I’m late. Sorry! šŸ™

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