Launching A New Business: Step One

Hey guys. It’s-a me, Kirby.

So, as many of you know, I have been the manager of LAX Coworking for about 4 years. The perks (?) of this job are many; from additional work to an extensive schedule plus extreme human interaction, it’s sometimes a lot to take in. But there is one crucial benefit (!) that I have been able to enjoy that no one else can claim: I have been to more Lunch N Learns than I can count.

Seriously. From making your own terrarium to goal setting to growth hacking, I have been there and attempted-to-do that. I have seen speakers of all ages, of all company sizes, of all experiences simply because I’m the one in charge of the schedule. Do I take notes at all of them? Not always. But I always listen. And I always learn something.

That means that when a Tony Robbins strategist graced the walls of my coworking space last week, I was there. I was sketching the logo for our 20th anniversary of the LAX Coastal Fourth of July Parade at the same time, but I was like 66% listening… And I heard enough to come to a conclusion: I am going to try.

I know you know what I mean. All of that stuff you are half-assing right now. The projects you’re trying to make work but not really giving your all. You’re just making excuses that you don’t have enough time, or you’re not in the right financial state, or maybe you’re like me and just too damn tired. Well, that stuff. I’m actually going to try and make it work.


I have “officially” launched my company multiple times now. In the early 2000s when people started hiring me as an artist, in 2013 when I graduated from Otis College of Art and Design and swore I would never work for myself, in 2016 when I finally built a professional website… But each time I never really put in the time, or the effort, to actually succeed. I lucked out with awesome talent and word-of-mouth advertising, and things just kind of… Worked out. I got the occasional client, I made a little bit of money, and all without really trying.

But the problem with that strategy is that luck will eventually wear out. And that “little bit of money” I’ve made really doesn’t pay the bills, let alone leave room for growth. Letting the universe take over sounds great and all–especially the part where you get to sit back and let it all happen–but if you want something out of life there is one theme to every single self-help and professional-development Lunch N Learn that I have attended: you have got to work for it.

So this is my goal for January 2019: I will work an extra 2 hours each day (weekdays only, I’m still damn tired, after all) on making Just Kirby a success. From finishing client projects to writing a business plan and updating my website, I will spend at least 10 hours a week on me (and keeping all of you updated with how it’s going along the way).

And by the end of this month… Who knows? Endless success? Complete and utter failure? Absolutely no change and I did all of this extra work for nothing?

Let’s find out.


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