Kissing Bugs

Kissing Bugs [kis-ing buhgz]

Kissing Bugs love to “kiss” humans on their mouths and eyes, often infecting them with Chagas Disease, an infectious disease that can lead to sudden death.


Piranha [pi-rahn-yuh]

A pack of piranhas could strip the flesh off of a human in less than five minutes.


Oleander [oh-lee-an-der]

Due to its beautiful—and common—nature, children have been known to make whistles from toxic Oleander stems as toys.

Black Widow

Black Widow [blak wid-oh]

Female Black Widows carry the neurotoxin latrotoxin, and, with larger-than-normal venom glands, her bite can cause latrodectism in humans.


Belladonna [bel-uhdonuh]

It only takes 10 berries from the Belladonna, or beautiful woman, plant to kill a human.