Cherries  [cher-eez]

Chewing cherry seeds can lead to cyanide poisoning in humans, as each sweet pit contains harmful levels of cyanogenic glycosides.

Death Cap Mushroom

Death Cap Mushroom  [deth kap muhsh-room]

The Death Cap Mushroom mimics a variety of edible species, fooling both humans and animals into a painful death from eating the fungus’ sweet flesh.

Africanized Bee

Africanized Bee  [af-ri-kuh-nahyzd bee] 

At first glance, what might seem like a harmless honey bee might actually be an Africanized Bee, a species known to attack ferociously and in overwhelming numbers, able to kill a human with ease.


Wolfsbane  [woo lfs-beyn]

Also known as Aconite, Wolfsbane is so potent a human can be poisoned by simply touching its leaves, leaving no trace of what killed them.

Blue Ringed Octopus

Blue Ringed Octopus  [bloo ringd ok-tuh-puh s]

A Blue Ringed Octopus carries enough tetrodotoxin venom to kill 26 humans, with a bite so painless it often goes unnoticed until paralysis sets in.