My name is Kirby. And you are?

A few months ago, I wrote a blog for the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce entitled “I am a Constant Student.” In this blog, I touted my zealous following of the philosophy behind learning something new every day. “I am a constant student,” I said. “A student of books, technology, life, everything. I am always searching for the next piece of information that will make my life better (or, at the very least, teach me something interesting).” Well, I learned something new today.

Writing your first blog is hard.


I started blogging for the chamber over a year ago, covering topics from beach clean-ups to Pokémon. I write posts for our coworking space. Articles for our annual magazine. I have written a 200-plus page book, for Christ’s sake. And yet I have been attempting for an entire month to write the inaugural blog for my own website as I officially launch the business I have been not-so-secretly running for the past three years… To no avail.

I can guarantee it isn’t due to an excess of shyness—anyone who has ever met me in person can tell within a twenty-second timeframe that that has never been my issue—rather, it’s almost as if facing the sudden freedom granted by doing something for myself, instead of a client, left me shell-shocked. I was given no parameters, no synopsis, no rough draft, nothing. It was a blank canvas, ready for me to paint whatever I wanted, and I realized: I have no idea what I want to do.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I know I want to introduce you to me (Hello, by the way. My name is Kirby.) and give you a little bit of my resume (to help convince you to hire me, of course), but I couldn’t think of a clever way to do it. Uploading my actual resume is pretty boring—and let’s be honest I haven’t updated it in a few years anyway—and I didn’t want to do the whole, “My name is Kirby Israelson. I graduated summa cum laude from Otis College of Art and Design in 2013 with a BA in Illustration and Creative Writing…”

That’s all true, yes, but it’s also very bland. And if that’s one takeaway you’re going to learn about me, whether it’s from shaking my hand or reading this blog, it’s that I’m anything but bland. So instead, let’s talk about something a little more interesting.

Kirby Fun Facts:

  • No, Kirby was not named after the video game character. The video game character was named after her. (sources not confirmed)
  • There are very few things on this planet that Kirby loves more than donuts, and she is often easily bribed by food.
  • If you can succeed in finding a horror movie that actual scares or disturbs her, you will be friends for life.
  • Kirby is always down for a little hand-to-hand combat; she loves Krav Maga almost as much as donuts.
  • She believes the world should never start before 10am as sleep is sacred.
  • One of her dream jobs—for she has many—would be to design the kid’s coloring menus at restaurants (because yes, she still asks for crayons at her meals).
  • Kirby is skilled in a variety of artistic mediums. From stone sculptures to papel picados, watercolor to face painting, graphic design to stained glass, websites to chalk art… She loves to learn new things (remember?) so she is always acquiring new skills. One thing she really wants to learn? Glass blowing.
  • To date, Kirby has written one interactive adventure novel (the first book of the future seven book series), one coloring book, and one graphic novel. Her novel is the project she is most proud of.
  • When Kirby graduated college, she swore she would never be self-employed. Currently, she is both self-employed and over-employed (but loving it).
  • She has managed to combine a strong work ethic, competitive streak, perfectionistic tendencies, endless amounts of creativity, and a splash of OCD into an efficient, butter coffee-fueled working machine.
  • Kirby is a firm believer in the oxford comma.

This list could continue forever, of course, but then it would ruin the element of surprise. And isn’t that one of the most fun parts of meeting someone new? Learning about their eccentricities? So instead, let’s end on a note of tentative friendship. By now, you have mentally conceded to the fact that I seem like an awesome person—oh, did I forget to also mention how humble I am?—and are interested in seeing exactly how I make things pretty. As for me, you’re reading this so I already think you’re swell. So, you’re going to write “Email Kirby” on your to-do list in a few moments and we can get this conversation started.


Well, I’ll wait for your email.

(But in the meantime, I might go take a nap.)


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